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iCizzle’s SED Hot Sauce heats it up!


Garlic Fries

Garlic Fries for your next snack

Garlic Fries for your next snack

Garlic Fries are just awesome to enjoy! At a ball game, restaurant, dinner table and sporting events. It’s the sauce that’s changing the game.

Next 2 Blow Debuts Tonight on DDTV

NEXT 2 BLOW: Imfamous, Jphreeze, T-Kewl, J- Key, Latin Rose, J-Shep, Lil Sassy, Juney Mac, Drell $wagger, Mia Rose, Prep, LROC, Cally Reed, Blossom


iCizzles Ultimate Hot Sauce

Hurricane Chris in talks to star in “Jack Boyz” Movie

Hurricane Chris in talks to star in “Jack Boyz” Movie

The A Bay Bay rapper is reportedly in talks to in the long delayed “Jack Boyz” movie. It’s unclear what role Hurricane Chris is up for at this moment in time. sources tell us it might be for Torino. Nothing is confirmed as of yet. We called and left a message for Executive Producer Macc Dundee, at time of publishing no returned call was made.

Little League Team Coached By Kids Wins Title –

Pulitzer Prize-winning sports columnist Jim Murray famously wrote that Little League baseball is “a juvenile activity that makes delinquents out

Source: Little League Team Coached By Kids Wins Title –

Hmmm, how many can she order?

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The Blockbuster trailer of the summer has arrived!

Coming in 2018 the movie Starring Macc Dundee and J-Shep!

This year will go down in history for CC Sabathia

Carsten Charles “CC” Sabathia, Jr. is an American professional baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball.




NEW YORK – This year will go down in history for CC Sabathia, the game the Yankees absolutely, unconditionally had to win to keep marching in the AL Championship Series 2017 came down to one man.



I knew it could be done, and I called it.  CC Sabathia downed the Astros in 4 innings, then the Yankees went to work.  The Bay-Area veteran pulled through like his real fans and love ones figured only he could.  We don’t even have to ask how hard it has been of a journey for CC Sabathia Jr,  playing for several major league rosters in a league where black pitchers are rare,  it seems he always has a lot more to prove when at the mound. With his contract up at the end of the season,  which way is up should not be the question, after last nights performance – the Yankees better resign the Bay-Area legend.

When it comes to those win-or-else moments in the postseason, CC Sabathia has become the Yankees’ soul-food. Everything feels better, now that the big lefty shook the Astros  8-1  in Game 3.  The ALCS 2017  Yankees’ victory in game 3 will be undermined due to who did it and how, some will poke and say it was just a courtesy to pacify the ticket buyers, or will CC SABATHIA JR. be the start of another miracle comeback.


Sabathia gave an utmost worthy performance, with very precise pitching. The veteran dominated the Astros for six innings,  giving up just three hits and hogging on their best hitters as if boys met MAN. Those big guns – George Springer, Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa, the three who Luis Severino couldn’t snuff, the ones who ambushed Aroldis Chapman’s 100-mph stinger in Game 2 – who CC Sabathia left just 1-for-6 with two strikeouts.  So if you are an Yankee fan, lets please give a warm toast and appreciation for CC Sabathia.


Deal with 300 Entertainment, Having E40 as a mentor

“Humble Beginnings,”

All gas no brakes for this youngster, the southern drawl, the West Coast pep in his step and a look in his eyes like he want it.  The “SICK WID IT” chain dangling around his neck, letting the world know, he is that young hog to be fucked wit.  OMB Peezy came from the bottoms out of  Mobile, Alabama, a port town on the Gulf Coast of the United States where majority young men his age will never find a way out. But these days have been a lil different Peezy, who now resides in Sacramento, CA.
 OMB Peezy has jumped on tour with Sacramento native Mozzy and is looking to set Fall 2017 on fire.

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