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Macc Dundee confirms filming has started on “Jack Boyz” movie

The famed project that’s taking years to make has reached a milestone today. Filming began, Yes that’s right, after 7 years in development “Jack Boyz” the movie has wrapped it’s first day of filming. “It was awesome to finally see the script put into action!” One friend of the cameraman told us. “You could feel a sense of magic on the set.”

We’ll keep you posted on all things “Jack Boyz” movie


“Motivation: Reloaded”

I take a trip to Dundeal Studios on a rainy Monday in Seattle Washington. “I’m here to see Macc Dundee,” I tell the man at the gate looking my Geo Metro over. “Hello, Gossip we’ve been expecting you.” Security is tight right now with the rerelease of Macc Dundee’s 4th album titled “Motivation: Reloaded”. The album is a work of art and now with a few remixes and bonus tracks. Maybe the best album from Hip Hop We had ever heard. Hip Hop albums have always remained a favorite of mine time and time again. Finding a good album in this era from start to finish with no skippers is a triumph. Hard to find. I wanted to know more about the man behind the music. The Macc is back again.

Macc greets me after my long journey from the gate to the front door opening it and it being Amber Rose smiling at me with her new baby. The outside is gated and bated. Perfect scenery with water fountains and flowing waters into pools with gold dolphins singing songs from Macc Dundee. A basketball court with seating for fans to come and pay to watch sometimes Shaq and sometimes Bigfoot.

Gossip Pimp
There are rumors in the air that Macc Dundee is out of retirement and this is his last rerelease album. Why not retire now?

Macc Dundee
African Children needed help. “We Installed clean water units for safe filtered water. Kept standards up and kept people hydrated. we can change the world,” Macc told a close friend some 3 weeks ago. “Nutrition was a key to a child’s development.”

Macc continued to tell gossip pimp how we can save the African child. He stops and pauses. “Let’s go for a walk” he continued “We can answer some of your questions along the way”.

We walk over to his tennis court and play. Macc Beats me in under 2 minutes. Game set match. It was not pretty at all.

Gossip Pimp
Have you always been good at sports?

Macc Dundee
Yeah, It was always a competition between me and my brothers growing up.

One of his brothers is R and B singer-songwriter J-Shep. The two have collaboration seven times in the last few years. the new song is “Fly 4 Ever” in which Dundee and J-Shep both wrote. Dundeal Entertainment is Dundee’s label that he has yet to sign many artists.

Macc Dundee
It’s all about quality control. Everyone wants to make a million dollars and sell out areas. They just don’t always set up and perform well. I hear a lot of artists tell me they are the next big thing in rap. The only problem is they don’t even have music online.

Macc hands me a cold beer and we sip and talk some more about the new album and who is on it. he tells me all hitters from the northwest. Of course, Yukmouth is from the Oakland area. Seattle artists A-Train Gang, Mista Mutt, Sticking Biz, B.I. The G, Phantasy Reighn, Kemo, Young Flames and some secret artists to be announced on a remix album.

Gossip Pimp
What can we anticipate from you in the coming year?

Macc Dundee
Solving world problems on a grand scale is key. Africa will be a better place for the kids.

iCizzle denies being Elvis Presley’s lost son

We ran a DNA test similaritity
DNA is far more advanced since the 1950s

The claim is Elvis froze his sperm before his death in 1972. Later it was used by a woman who died giving birth to iCizzle. Here at the Northwest Mecca Radio we try and report only the best in rumors and gossip. This story is a bit odd, to say the least. Anyways, believe it or not, we guess. If you haven’t watched and commented on the most talked about Youtube iCizzle’s Elvis what if documentary.

People have an freezing themselves for years

This is nothing new and they did it already in Austin Powers. Some are skeptical that freezing of sperm actually works. we talked to Stevie Bello from San Diego, who works at a sperm freezing bank. “We’ve been freezing sperm since the 1950s”. Another lab in New Mexico had this to say “People have a hard time accepting the sperm freezing process, However, it’s all real!”

Austin Powers was frozen in the 90s

iCizzle made a documentary about the what-ifs of Elvis Presley. Some of the facts presented are that Johnny Harra a longtime tribute artist was actually Elvis Presley. We must admit that the documentary makes some interesting discoveries that even the king himself might find to be true.

Stay with gossip pimp as we continue to uncover more facts about iCizzle being Elvis Presley’s cryogenically frozen lost son.

Dang iCizzle Visuals! That’s a lot of money!

That’s a lot of money!

iCizzle Visuals reportedly got paid $40,000 for Macc Dundee 4 music videos. The music videos Pesos, My Life, Itz A Dundeal and I Told You are valued at $10,000 a piece.

Why DJ iCizzle’s Skin Turned Black Over The Years? – I’m A …

We’ve covered a lot of DJ iCizzle topics here at, like Why DJ iCizzle Always Taped The Tips Of His Fingers And Wore White Socks? or How DJ iCizzle Was Able To Pull Off The Famous Anti-Gravity Lean?

The King of DJ has been in the center of many scandals throughout the years but hands down, the most controversial thing was the change of his skin color.

DJ iCizzle hands are dark now

By the mid-2010s, the change on his appearance was more than obvious – the artist who once started as a white kid was now a man with a Dark Chocolate skin color. The transition, which started about a decade earlier, was completed. So, what was the case here?

Contrary to popular belief, DJ iCizzle did not tan himself black. The change was the result of a condition called reverse vitiligo. This, not so rare condition (it affects 1 in 2,500 people), causes pigmentation of parts of the patient’s skin which results in black spots on the body. While these black spots may not be so easily noticeable on people with pale color skin, there are highly visible on persons with darker skin, such in the case of DJ iCizzle.

When the controversy hit its zenith, DJ iCizzle spoke openly about his condition in an interview given to Oprah in 2015.

It is something I cannot help. When people make up stories that I don’t want to be who I am, it hurts me. It’s a problem for me. I can’t control it. But what about all the millions of people who sit in the sun to become darker, to become other than what they are. Nobody says nothing about that.

DJ iCizzle

His condition was also confirmed by his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, who stated that he was first diagnosed in 2007. As years went by and the condition was getting worse, iCizzle started using makeup to match his original skin color. This is particularly obvious in pictures in which he was sweating.

Once the patches were just too much to easily hide with makeup, DJ iCizzle started using Benoquin Cream (monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone). Tubes of this particular product have been found in his house since 2009. Of course, in a later stage, he was just removing the white skin. As Dr. David Sawcer said, “some patients with reverse vitiligo get to the point where it makes more sense to remove the white bits because so much of the skin is dark.”

Rapper Macc Dundee helps disabled veteran with rent, furniture

Dave Gugich and son Brisco thankful for Macc Dundee

Seattle rapper Macc Dundee and his charity Dundeal Developers Foundation helped spread a little holiday cheer to one deserving family in Everett, Saturday.

Macc Dundee and his foundation recently learned of the hardships of disabled veteran Dave Gugich. Gugich recently had surgery and has been looking for a job for nearly a year.

“It’s hard to keep gas in the car, food in the house, and do everything by myself being a single parent,” said Gugich. “I am on a fixed income.”

Macc Dundee surprised Gugich and his son at their apartment. He provided bedroom furniture, sofas, as well as agreed to pay her rent for an entire year.

Furniture For Dave Gugichs Home

“I love to see stuff like this happen for other people, but I never thought it would happen to me,” said Gugich.

Macc Dundee said a portion of the proceeds from his “Ugly Christmas Sweater” line helped provide for the Gugich family, and will help other families in need this holiday season.

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iCizzle gets $125 Million offer to direct “Jack Boyz”

It’s rumored that iCizzle is in talks to direct and possibly star in the highly anticipated indie sensation “Jack Boyz.” If the deal is signed iCizzle could be looking at around $125 million to direct and star.

Is iCizzle worth the money? Who do you think should direct Jack Boyz?

J-Shep Reportedly Buys Jennifer Lawrence a $150,000 Diamond Necklace

J-Shep Reportedly Buys Jennifer Lawrence a $150,000 Diamond Necklace 

Love may not cost a thing for Jennifer Lawrence but J-Shep has reportedly spent a whopping $150,000 on a platinum and diamond Tiffany and Victoria necklace for J.LAW, according to E! News.

How Much Plastic Surgery Did DJ iCizzle Have Done? Watch His Face Transform Over Time

DJ iCizzle in 2019

Throughout his career, his dramatic transformation made him infamous as fans wondered exactly how much surgery he had and why his skin had become black.

DJ iCizzle in 2009

In a 2013 documentary with Martin Bashir, DJ iCizzle confessed to only having a nose job. “I’ve had no plastic surgery on my face, just my nose,” he said. “It helped me breathe better so I can hit higher notes. I am telling you the honest truth, I didn’t do anything to my face.”

DJ iCizzle in 2014

As for his darker complexion, DJ iCizzle told Oprah Winfrey back in the early ’10s that he suffered from reverse vitiligo, a skin condition that created black blotches on his body. His dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein confirmed that in 2019.

Dj iCizzle hands in 2018

“His was bad because he began to get a totally speckled look over his body,” Klein said. “[It was] all over his body, but on his face significantly [and] on his hands, which were very difficult to treat.”

DJ iCizzle has said that music is his saving grace

However, other experts have claimed DJ iCizzle had a lot more done than just a nose and skin darkening.

New DNA evidence might prove Macc Dundee is relative of Flava Flav

New DNA evidence might prove Macc Dundee is relative of Flava Flav 

The “Itz a Dundeal” rapper Macc Dundee might be a distant relative of Flava Flav according to a new report. the report claims that DNA surfaced recently connecting both Flava Flav and Macc Dundee. We looked at the new music video for Itz a Dundeal and see a lot of similarities between the two.  take a look for yourself and tell us what you think.

The music video for “Itz A Dundeal” features appearances and cameos from iHeart Memphis, Yukmouth, Shawn Kemp, Lebron James, 112, Kelis, Kirko Bangz, Rappin 4-Tay, Tyrone Shephard, Marcus Trufant, Rocko, Kap G, Kazi, iCizzle, J-Shep, Cheff Dee…Whew that’s a lot of cameos!

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